State University of New York Physical Plant Administrators Association


Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is established to support the education and development of physical plant and facilities professionals.  It is the intent of SUNY/PPAA to provide scholarships in support of furthering the careers of its members in the field of Facilities Management.  Grants for two or more scholarships are anticipated annually.  Individual financial awards would not generally exceed $2,500.00, however individual award amounts and the annual total for all awards are subject to the discretion and approval of the SUNY/PPAA Board of Directors.  The scholarship awards are intended to defray or cover costs associated with registration fees, tuition, and expenses, including travel expenses, for programs leading to a professional degree, accreditation or certification (examples: MBA, PE license, LEED AP).  Scholarship awards are for the 12 months following selection notification and awards will be announced at the SUNY/PPAA summer and/or winter meetings.  

Scholarship Program Policy

Scholarships will be awarded only to individuals who are presently employed in the Physical Plant Administration or Facilities Management at a SUNY/PPAA member institution.   Individuals that have received a SUNY/PPAA Scholarship in the past year along with SUNY/PPAA members currently serving on the Awards and Scholarship Committee or the SUNY/PPAA Board of Directors are not eligible.  Typically there would be one successful applicant per institution per calendar year and to the extent possible the scholarships will be awarded evenly throughout the membership.

Applications will be accepted continuously, as long as funding is available.  The SUNY/PPAA Board of Directors anticipates allocating funding for the scholarships twice annually, roughly coinciding with the Association’s summer and winter meetings.  Application forms must be completed, endorsed (applicants and supervisors) and received by the SUNY/PPAA Scholarship Committee Chair.  Once all funding in any period is committed, additional applications received may be deferred or returned to the applicant for later resubmission and reconsideration.  Only applications received directly from the applicant will be considered. 

Application forms are available HERE and are to be completed and submitted to the SUNY/PPAA Scholarship Committee Chair. Once a completed application is received, the Scholarship Committee Chair will send a confirmation email to the applicant confirming receipt of the application and will forward the application to the Scholarship Committee for review.

The SUNY/PPAA Board of Directors will convene an Awards and Scholarship Committee comprised of three members of the Board plus one alternate.  If an application is received from an employee of a Scholarship Committee member’s home institution, that Committee member will abstain from its review and defer to the Committee’s alternate.  Applications will be graded based upon a single set of criteria for all scholarship types.  The Scholarship Committee’s recommendations will be forwarded to the SUNY/PPAA President for Board of Directors’ approval prior to making the award. The SUNY/PPAA Board of Directors will notify awardees and the President will announce the awards to the general membership at the Business Meeting segment of SUNY/PPAA summer and winter meetings.  The Board reserves the right to notify awardees in advance of the meetings of the general membership. 

The SUNY/PPAA Secretary will send notification to each recipient and their supervisor immediately following award determinations.  The Secretary also sends notification to each non-recipient. The recipient's letter will include instructions about how to use the scholarship, and will be copied to the Treasurer.  The recipient will be given a deadline to respond and will be asked for confirmation that they will use the scholarship for the intended program.  If the recipient cannot attend the training initially set forth in their application the Scholarship Committee Chair will work with the recipient to extend the expiration of the award for up to one year.

A Scholarship must be utilized within one year of its award unless specific arrangements have been made with the scholarship committee, otherwise the scholarship may be forfeited.

Scholarship Selection and Award Criteria

Competition for scholarships/awards may vary depending upon the number of qualified applications received in each funding period.  It is recommended that applications be submitted early in each funding period for the greatest potential for award.

The Scholarship Selection Committee will strive for the equitable distribution of scholarship opportunities across the SUNY/PPAA membership.  Approval and award of scholarships will be based on the following criteria, listed in the relative order of importance (specific weighting of criterion will be determined by the Selection Committee): 

  • Level of training sought (i.e., introductory vs. advanced level of training)
  • Applicability of training to current/future campus roles
  • Training’s potential to support career goals, upward mobility or individual’s advancement
  • Overall benefit to campus
  • Individual’s previous commitment to education
  • Previous SUNY/PPAA scholarship awards
  • Letter of support from supervisor
  • Overall presentation and content (Quality of Application)



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